Adams: Going to Court in the Allen West Contest

Today, True the Vote filed a federal lawsuit against the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections regarding the contest for the 18th Congressional District in Florida — the Allen West race. The case is brought under the 1993 Motor Voter law. (Full, yet totally unnecessary disclosure: I am one of the lawyers who brought the case, along with Michael Barnett).

In 1993, Motor Voter became law. Most people know about the voter registration requirements in motor vehicle offices — “Would you like to register to vote?”, asks the person renewing your vehicle registration. But Motor Voter was much bigger than just that — it also required voter registration be pushed in welfare offices and drug treatment facilities.

The Holder Justice Department is keen on enforcing that provision, known as Section 7, by teaming up with outside left-wing groups like the NAACP. They have even used clandestine electronic recording methods against Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration to obtain evidence for a lawsuit against the state.

Republicans in 1993 fought like crazy to add another provision to Motor Voter: Section 8. Section 8 requires states and counties to clean up their voter rolls to ensure dead and duplicate voters aren’t voting. Eric Holder isn’t so fond of enforcing Section 8 — his DOJ spiked at least eight investigations  into states with more registered voters than people alive. After public attention, Voting Section Chief Chris Herren fired off some letters to offending states, but nothing else beyond bluster has issued forth from Herren.


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