Blumer: Our Petty, Country-Be-Damned President

On Tuesday, the nation — or at least the part that’s still paying attention — learned that President Barack Obama’s administration, in what can only be seen as an incredibly petty and virulently vindictive response to spending “cuts” imposed by sequestration (properly described in most cases as “reductions in projected spending increases”), decided to cancel all tours of the White House beginning March 9.

As a result, to name just one of what are surely many examples, sixth graders at an Iowa elementary school which had received approval to take a March 16 tour learned, barring what would seem to be a quixotic effort to change White House minds via Facebook, that it’s not going to happen. They’re reportedly going to make their trip to Washington anyway, because, according to the school’s principal, it’s an important opportunity for them to “find out more about how the government works.” They’ve clearly already learned quite a bit.

So have we.

The tours are run by volunteers. According to an estimate worked up by ABC News on Wednesday, the White House will save $18,000 per week by not utilizing 30 Secret Service agents during the tours. Even that savings figure is suspect, as original reports about the tours’ cancellation claimed that “Uniformed Division Officers assigned to the public tours will be reassigned to other security posts,” which “will reduce overtime costs as well as potential furloughs that could have been required.”


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  • johndoe124

    Obviously Harper should apologize.

  • Mary T

    Cancelling those tours for students could have a real backlash when they reach voting age. My son, and many of his friends were great fans of that cancelled Avro plane. His first time voting he asked, who cancelled the Avro and I said Dief, conservative. He said he would never vote conservative and he hasn’t. He will soon be 59 yrs old. And many of his friends still hate conservatives for that.

    • Joe

      Respectfully Mary T I would suggest that your son and his friends are what I call low information voters. Yes Dief cancelled the Arrow. He had very good reasons for doing so. Ask your son if he will carry a grudge against the Liberals because Chretien cancelled the EH 101’s.

      • Mary T

        We and my son have more reasons than the 101s to never vote liberal. I think I have him convinced to vote for PMSH.

        • Joe

          Unfortunately Mary there are way way way too many people who vote one issue even though that issue died eons ago. When that happens people are all too susceptible mass hysteriae which is never good for the nation. A good example of mass hysteria damaging a province is the last election here in Alberta. What was a worst a very mild racial slur if interpreted the wrong way stampeded enough low information voters to elect the most corrupt and inept government in the provinces brief history.