Johnson: 5 Gun-Control Bills You Haven’t Heard of Yet

A CBS News poll last week suggested gun-control advocates have missed their moment of momentum to pass stricter regulations, with support down to 47 percent compared to 57 percent in the wake of the December massacre at Sandy Hook elementary.

Despite the administration’s attempts to keep the strictest measures, like a renewal of the assault weapons ban that not even Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) thought could overcome procedural hurdles, in the spotlight — President Obama even had Newtown families at today’s Easter Egg Roll — Democrats are in for a challenge when Congress returns next week from recess.

Still, the debate is just around the corner. Before leaving for the Easter break, Reid began procedural motions to pick up a package of gun-control legislation when the Senate returns. It promises to bring high drama with a group of Republican conservatives threatening to filibuster any new gun bills.

The flurry of gun-control bills introduced at the beginning of the 113th Congress in January, many reactive to the Sandy Hook tragedy, just scratched the surface. Lawmakers continue to introduce new regulations, and many of these move forward in the shadow of more famous cousins such as Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-Calif.) assault weapons ban. Still, control of congressional chambers may change, and there’s no guarantee these bills and others won’t have a life if reintroduced in a future Congress.


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