Blumer: Jobs – A Fourth Straight Spring and Summer Bummer

For most Americans, the arrival of spring means rising temperatures, the reemergence of green grass (and weeds), and a return to outdoor activities. It also appears, for the fourth year in a row, that spring’s arrival will be accompanied by yet another swoon in the nation’s job market.

Wrapping up a week during which several “unexpectedly” weak economic reports previewed trouble ahead, the government’s March Employment Situation Summary released on Friday was the strongest indication yet that — as was the case in 2010, 2011, and 2012 — somewhat tolerable seasonally adjusted job growth during the winter will be followed by tepid spring and summer hiring.

This time, as a well-known Democrat amazingly noted on Sunday, President Barack Obama, his administration, fear-mongering leftists, and their sky-is-falling media apparatchiks shouldn’t be able to hide from the direct results of their handiwork — though of course they’ll try mightily.

To see how bad things are, as is my custom — and as should be the custom of anyone who’s really trying to get a handle on what’s happening in the economy — let’s look at both the raw (i.e., not seasonally adjusted) and seasonally adjusted figures for overall job growth since 2001:


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