Fernandez: A Familiar Face

CBS News reports that one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects was known to the FBI.

The FBI admitted Friday they interviewed the now-deceased Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev two years ago and failed to find any incriminating information about him. As first reported by CBS News correspondent Bob Orr, the FBI interviewed Tsarnaev, the elder brother of at-large bombing suspect Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, at the request of a foreign government to see if he had any extremist ties, but failed to find any linkage. …

CBS News correspondent John Miller reports it is likely Russia asked to have the elder Tsarnaev vetted because of suspected ties to Chechen extremists.

This is probably going to be the first in a number of retrospective realizations that are now going to form a picture. Things are always clear in retrospect. But in this case they should have been clear in prospect. One of the suspects had a playlist on social media which included “I will dedicate my life to Jihad,” among other things.

We focus on things because it is prohibited to focus on people. The TSA looks for things — scissors, liquids, shoes, etc — but it doesn’t stop the underwear bomber. People now want to blame “access to guns” for the Tsarnaevs. But it would be uncouth to ask about what they heard from their imam or their teachers.


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