Canadian jihadist’s disturbing video shows fanaticism of rebels who may have inspired Boston bomber (2)

William Plotnikov (L), seen with an unidentified jihadist: “Allah is with us, we have our guardian, Allah, but you do not have one. We will kill you.”

For seven minutes, five Dagestan rebels spoke into a video camera about killing infidels and how the “good deeds” they were doing would absolve them of “700 sins” committed during their lifetimes.

Filmed by a Canadian jihadist fighter before he was killed by Russian security forces, the video offers a disturbing glimpse of the fanaticism of the rebels who may have inspired Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Tsarnaev does not appear in the footage, which was obtained by the National Post. But it was recorded and narrated by William Plotnikov, a Canadian whose alleged links to Tsarnaev are now under investigation.

In the video, the rebel fighters repeatedly expressed their desire to kill “kafirs,” or non-believers, and referred to “Putins and Obamas” who “throw their speeches on television, give promises and after is death, so then we will see who is right.

“Victory comes only from Allah.”


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