Children among the at least 51 dead after massive twister strikes near Oklahoma City (5)

The tornadoes, high winds and hail have been part of a massive, northeastward-moving storm system that has stretched from Texas to Minnesota.

A massive tornado at least a half mile-wide with 200 mph winds churned through Oklahoma City’s suburbs Monday afternoon, killing at least 51 people including at least 20 children, flattening entire neighborhoods and destroying an elementary school with a direct blow as children and teachers huddled inside.

Amy Elliott, a spokeswoman for the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office, said early Tuesday 51 people were confirmed dead, at least twenty of them children.She said officials could see as many as 40 more fatalities from the tornado.

The storm laid waste to scores of buildings in Moore, a community of 41,000 people about 10 miles south of Oklahoma City. Block after block lay in ruins. Homes were crushed into piles of broken wood. Cars and trucks were left crumpled on the roadside.

More than 120 people were being treated at hospitals, including about 50 children.


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  • Jack

    I’m very happy to see the death count reduced in Moore. Fox News and CNN are driving me to distraction today as they keep “breathlessly” repeating themselves.

    “Hey people, shit happens” (please pardon my potty mouth). While that may sound unsympathetic it is not.

    Far from it.

    It seems to me that Fox News might better use it’s considerable resources to track down the answer to a question bothering me when I woke up this morning. I asked myself if it is possible to control these storm systems and “Googled” a question on the net. Surprisingly I came up with an old column in Popular Science which is of interest and the answer appears to be “maybe”.

    How to Destroy a Tornado

    No idea how the research is going at the moment. Perhaps lack of public funding might be playing a part. I don’t know. But what I do know is that governments everywhere are spending huge bucks to repair the damage after these huge storm systems happen — as they continue to happen. And what is the cost of all that?

    My View: Perhaps we should be rethinking the entire situation and putting some of our money where it will do the most good — stopping the harm before it happens (if that is possible). Just a thought and I say all this because I prefer to be proactive in these situations. On the one hand “weeping and wailing” solves nothing. On the other hand we will never know if we can make change unless we try.

    And why would we not? Am I missing something here?

    Everyone thought we couldn’t put a man on the moon and we did (several times). Can this problem be solved also? I believe so. It’s simply a matter of “national will”.

    We may be able to do this and if so we owe it to ourselves to give it our best shot. That is what I want to see happen as a direct result of this disaster. No more waiting for the next one as we “hoot and holler” in outrage and self-imposed impotence.

    We end the danger once and for all — as rapidly as possible.