Poole: Blind To Terror (4)

Perhaps the most baffling element to the U.S. government’s Muslim outreach since the 1990s is the steadfast refusal by its supporters to acknowledge the mountain of evidence that testifies to its catastrophic failure.

The aftermath of the April 15, 2013 bombings in Boston, Massachusetts, has focused attention on the failure of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) to carry out an adequate investigation of the suspected bombers despite warnings from Russian authorities. This failure has partially been attributed to a full scale campaign of political correctness waged inside the bureau and throughout the U.S. government under the Obama administration against any attempt to link jihadi terrorism with anything remotely connected to Islam of any variety (the most radical versions included).[1] This has extended into other segments of the government as well, particularly the Department of Defense.[2]

One of the primary contributors to this widespread political correctness campaign has been the U.S. government’s disastrous Muslim outreach policies extending back to the Clinton administration and the 1993 World Trade Center bombings. The U.S. government’s historical outreach program, regardless of whether it has been a Democrat or Republican in the White House, has been based on a schizophrenic policy: In many cases federal prosecutors have gone into federal court and identified American Islamic organizations and leaders as supporters of terrorism, and no sooner have left court before government officials openly embrace these same organizations and leaders as moderates and outreach partners. In several notable cases, the FBI’s outreach partners have been under active FBI criminal investigation and were later convicted on terrorism-related charges at the time the outreach occurred.

In the case of the Cambridge, Massachusetts, mosque attended by the suspected Boston marathon bombers, when the plethora of extremist ties to the Islamic Society of Boston were reported, a mosque spokesman replied that they could not be extremists since they regularly participated in outreach programs with the FBI, Department of Justice and Homeland Security.[3]

This exemplifies the chronic failure of the U.S. government’s outreach programs.

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Patrick Poole is a counterterrorism consultant and an investigative reporter on terrorism and national security issues.

The lead article is a long read but a very informative one if you have the patience. Many thanks to Barry Rubin for the link.

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  • Joe

    So what you’re saying then Cy is that the reason you don’t do satire is none of your posts have a kernel of truth? I’m shocked I tell you SHOCKED!

    Believe it or not old buddy totalitarianisms such as the IRS targeting conservative groups isn’t bound by a simple left right dichotomy. Hitler considered himself to be progressive as did Stalin, Mao Pol Pot etc etc etc. Obama has stated from the outset that he wanted to remake America. Should it surprise anyone if he uses all the levers of power to achieve his ends?

    Oh BTW that last bit wasn’t sarcasm.

    • Joe

      One final thing Cy ol’ buddy Obama’s solution to terrorism is to install terrorists in power throughout the Middle East. Doesn’t seem like such a good idea to me or that other extreme rightist Vladimir Putin.

  • Joe

    But But But mon confrère I thought we were laying aside these posting cudgels as we, in mutual admiration, do a rigid right arm salute to our inestimable leader. He is all knowing so we don’t have to be! Why would I ever make any suggestions that might upset our newly minted truce?

    All hail Obama!!!!!

    • Cy

      See link above. Satire only works when there is a kernal of truth to it. Your mates in the US are certainly doing rigid right arm salutes but it’s not to Obama

  • beentheredonethat

    Thats it! The preponderance of evidence be damned, Patrick (according to bigots and fools) obviously hates Obama. There can be no other explanation. LOL Enjoy……


    • Cy

      Looks like someone didn’t read the article (check the timeline)
      Also, it looks like the author shied from providing any solution. You’ve got to wonder why people like he, Mark Steyn, Daniel Pipes, etc never want to publicly provide their “Final Solution” to our little civilization problem. I guess taking pot shots at Obama is safer?

      • Joe

        I thought we all agreed with Obama’s solution. You know, send in the IRS to control the TEA Party or any other conservative group. Maybe even tap the AP’s phones or throw some schmuck in jail for posting a video. That will cut down on terrorism like nobody’s business!

        All hail Obama the greatest and best!

        (Does any one know if I am supposed to raise my right arm when I say that? I would hate be labelled a terrorist for not following the correct salute protocol you know.)

      • Cy

        Is that a solution?
        Or is that more lame-brained partisan drivel?
        Stop stalling and tell us what you want to do, “President Joe”?

        • Joe

          What’s the matter Cy does my liplock on Obama’s butt invade your personal space? I thought for once we would be on the same side and therefore not sidetrack this thread with our usual back and forth.

          BTW I’m all breathless here but did you know Obama has black skin?!?!?!? (silly school girl giggle) I do and I think that qualifies him to be above reproach in all matters political, religious or economic. (silly school girl scowl at anyone who disagrees with me)

          • Cy

            The worst part is that you probably think that this simple-minded ridicule, along with BTDT’s pre-emptive accusations, are going to fool anyone about the right’s actual agenda. Let’s just take another look at where your movement started:


            Can’t hide that with some third rate group bullying on the internet

        • Joey

          Cy accusing others of “partisan drivel”. What a joke.

          • Cy


            Show even ONE example of my open support for the Democrat Party, Liberal Party of Canada, NDP or any other “left leaning” party.

            YOU (right wing culture warrirors) are the “Islamist” on this continent. Your record shows that quite clearly.
            -YOU put the riot squad on civilians protesting for freedom
            -YOU suppressed other religions to ensure the dominance of your own in the public square.
            -YOU enforced tribal dominance laws
            -YOU opposed advancements in the workplace and society for women
            -YOU are now fighting against gay rights

            What separates you from an Islamist?

            Anyone opposing Islamism on PRINCIPLE (rather than power politics) has to oppose every outfit similar to them, and that includes the North American cultural right. You can call me a leftist all you want but it just shows your ignorance about people who act out of conscience. Sometimes it’s ok to oppose a movement simply because it is repugnant.

    • Jack

      Agree with BTDT. I’ve been watching CPAC the past few days as the “Official Opposition” continues to attack our PM (their minds on a railroad track) and I note the clearly obvious hate (a wasted emotion) emanating from our “left” is palpable. You can feel it. Much as in America, Europe and many other places. And to what end?

      Personal bankruptcy?

      Apparently so in their tiny minds as they refuse to see the future they want to impose on others. I disagree and I feel it’s far past time we fired them all as we return our countries to financial health.

      My reason?

      These people continue to live in “La La Land”. On the other hand I live in the real world. There is no comparison and I point out that they are dreamers, imagining a future which can never work. You can check with the USSR if you don’t believe me. They know all about this.

      Regarding the column. I note that in Canada we have over a million Muslims resident, 99.9% who appreciate their new country and would defend it (and their new lives) at extreme personal cost. A pair of arseholes from that community screw up and that is all we hear about from our media.

      I’m not going there (as they are not) and I truly wonder who is breeding the “Muslim hate”. I’ll give you one guess and it isn’t most Muslim immigrants who do their best in a new country with new opportunities and appreciate same.

      I will also note two Wikepedia entries that apply: the Muslim ” Brotherhood” and Sayyid Qutb. Become very familiar with both in order to understand the ongoing violence practised by a few in our and many other countries (video). Also take time to read this (it goes back a hundred years or so) and then think carefully about Saudi Arabia (their vast financial resources) and our current problems. There is much to learn and Poole’s article is just the tip of the iceberg.

      He is correct as far as he goes but he doesn’t go “far enough”.

      Be aware, folks. There is a great deal more but I believe Canadian voters are very fast on the “uptake”. They simply have to be pointed in the “right” direction and the question remains. Who would you rather hold the reigns of power?

      Harper, Mulcair or “Peter pan”?

      I know where my vote goes. I have no doubt at all.

      Simple common sense intrudes because it’s a “no brainer”.


      • Cy

        That was beautifully written, Jack, but doesn’t really answer the question of “what would you do”. In fairness, no Islam-hysteria writer seems to want to give a straight answer either.

        The only people who ever seem to have a suggestion about what to do dwell in the comment sections of newspapers that carry Steyn et al. When I relay some of those answers over here people get their knickers in a knot. It’s still not clear whether that is because they think I’m making it up or because you’re not supposed to talk about these solutions out loud.

        • Jack

          Re: “What would you do?”

          It’s a fair question and I don’t know, Cy other than to point out the clearly obvious. There are a over a billion Muslims in this world, most of whom are peaceful and want to better themselves in whatever way they can, like all of us. In Canada most appear to like their new country and while they may attend a local mosque and listen to the raving and ranting of lunatic “preachers” it does not “automagically” follow they pick up on “whacky ideas”. I suspect most don’t because they are confronted with the reality of their situation as soon as they walk out the door.

          The truth is this as I see it. The “old folks” who follow the old ideas from the “old country” will soon die off and by the time the second or “probably third” generation appears all such stupidity will disappear. Islam, as practised by their future grandfathers in the here and now, cannot survive in a country such as Canada. The world moves on and Islam will move with it or perish just as Christianity and numerous other religions are learning this very day to their great regret, witness our empty churches as an example.

          So what should we do?

          My view: “Nothing” because we can do nothing other than guard ourselves. There is an old saying to the effect that ‘time heals all wounds’. I agree and in my view “in time” this too will pass in Canada. We just have to be patient and give them the “space” they need to adjust.

          I believe they will.