Ball/Harris: Blowing Smoke – Obama Climate Speech Riddled With Lies

King Canute, attempting to teach his people a lesson regarding his abilities, supposedly went to the sea and commanded the tide to stop. Twelfth-century English historian Henry of Huntington wrote that Canute took his throne to the seashore, but the tide, “continuing to rise as usual dashed over his feet and legs without respect to his royal person.”

President Barack Obama’s naïve and error-riddled speech at Georgetown University on Tuesday clearly demonstrated that he is serious about trying to stop global climate change. However, like the tide, climate change is a natural event of such proportions that it is largely unaffected by human activities. Obama ignores that the “official climate science” on which he bases America’s climate and energy policies has been washed away by 17 years without global warming, despite atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) — the gas Obama blames for rising temperatures — continuing to increase primarily due to the emissions of China and India.

Unlike America’s hopelessly misguided president, the reasons behind Canute’s action were sensible. He wanted to reduceunrealistically elevated expectations of him. Canute’s goal was to show fawning courtiers that there were things over which he had no control. He knew the facts about tides. Sadly for our American friends, and indeed for the whole free world — which depends on a strong America — Obama lacks Canute’s humility and knowledge about nature. The president’s misunderstanding and his apparent disinterest in real climate science is leading the United States into an economic black hole from which it may take generations to recover.


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  • johndoe124

    when Apollo 1 went up in flames, killing all three astronauts in 1967, engineers ended the use of high oxygen atmospheres in manned space vehicles

    A perfect example of oxygen pollution. We need to do something about atmospheric oxygen pollution. That’s the real problem. It causes trillions of dollars of damage every year and countless numbers of deaths. The impact is far worse than anything CO2 can muster. We should work to eliminate oxygen pollution.

  • beentheredonethat

    Every one of the students Obama preaches to will have to provide college records in order to apply for a future job. They cannot say to a prospective employer “I graduated …..up yours”. Obama should be banned from speaking at any university or educational facility including pre-school until he releases his own college records to the public. If the majority of Americans hadn’t been blinded by colour and burdened by faux guilt and demanded he do so back in 2007 he’d still be in the Senate voting ‘present’ or in some Chicago back alley telling the poor not to do as he does, just do as he says.