Egyptians Have High Hopes for ‘Second Revolution’ (10)

“The army and the people are one hand,” opposition protesters have said in recent days. This soldier and pedestrian seem to be taking that slogan literally.

The revolution of 2011 ended in Islamist rule and, on Wednesday, a military coup. Now, Egyptians are hoping that the overthrow of President Morsi will lead to a better future. But disagreement remains over what should come next.

Toni Kalifa doesn’t look much like a victim of the military coup d’état in Egypt. Clutching two smartphones in his hands, he’s pacing back and forth in the lobby of a five-star hotel on the Nile River in Cairo — and calls keep coming in. “No,” he says. “We don’t know what is coming next.” Kalifa played a not insignificant role in the overthrow of President Mohammed Morsi, who was deposed by the military on Wednesday night. Ironically, though, he himself has become jobless as a result.

Before Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood were shunted aside, Kalifa was the moderator of an immensely popular Egyptian television show called “The Era of the Muslim Brotherhood.” His show was broadcast for an hour each day in primetime, and in every episode, he would play host to an Islamist guest — whose ideology he would then proceed to mercilessly dismantle. Highlights from his show, aired by the private station Cairo and the People, are available on YouTube. It wasn’t uncommon for his guests to become physically violent under Kalifa’s incessant grilling.

On Wednesday evening, the disassembly of the Muslim Brotherhood was completed. Egyptian generals removed the Islamist organization from power, they shut down three Islamist television stations and they issued arrest warrants for 300 leading members of the group. In short, they sent the Muslim Brotherhood back to the underground where it has spent so much of its history. And they deprived Kalifa of his talk show guests.


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  • Joe

    Thanks for doing all this digging Jack. Greatly appreciated. I’ve been on the road for the last few days and most of the radio stations I could get didn’t even mention the firing of the MB in Egypt let alone this is a HUGE slap in the face to the sitting president of the USA. Kinda sad to see the once great US get so internationally decimated by the incompetent sock puppet Obama and his handler Valarie Jarrett.

    • Jack

      Thanks, Joe. I’m not surprised by the violence now ongoing in Egypt (#10) and expect much more before the people (mostly illiterate and getting their news from the local mosque) finally “wake up” but it seems to me that when you, as a country, are broke — starving to death — and someone (Saudi Arabia in this case) appears to be willing to consider “feeding you” it’s time to “listen up”.

      As I have said before and the writer at #8 makes clear, words are fine but when you are hungry and as implied, the real coup apparently occurred in 2012, everything else is simply “bullshit” and fine words feed nobody.

      On the other hand…better days ahead if Egypt remains on this path. I am not weeping about the demise of a bunch of Islamic thugs threatening everyone and as a “point” I note this situation will not end well for Islamist’s everywhere. The ladies object and “they”, best of all, would know as they worry about how to feed their husbands and children.

      Regarding Obama — what can I say? He’s a community organizer, nothing more. He has no clue regarding international politics and more to the point, when he is briefed, his mind is astray as he tries to figure out to improve his golf game. He has no interest in this “stuff” and neither does “Billary”, who is “next up” for the Democrats. All, as a party, are “stuck on stupid”.

      That’s just the way things are this day. I am with Egypt as they try to move on and I continue to ignore all the US “pundit” retards who refuse to see the obvious.

      I believe Obama’s stance is deeply wrong and if he continues down this path millions in Egypt will starve to death. That is the fate he and his administration are consigning them to at the moment and small wonder why they hate him. They are living this nightmare. Obama is not and they know it.

      “Slap in the face” indeed — and well deserved.

      Goodnight everyone!