Ballasy: Tea Party Protesters Threaten to Bring Down Boehner if He Supports Amnesty

Conservative activists from across the country told Congress that supporting “amnesty” hurts American workers and the unemployed during a “March for Jobs” in Washington.

“Why do they get the priority from the Congress over the interests of American workers? About 7 million of these illegal workers hold American jobs,” said Frank Morris of the Black American Leadership Alliance, who organized the event.

Ken Crow, co-founder of, got cheers from the hundreds in attendance at the rally when he delivered the tea party’s message to House Speaker John Boehner.

“Mr. Boehner, if you want to run this bill through, you want to have subcommittees, you want to tailor something similar but not quite, do so at your own political peril because I’m going to tell you now, the tea party community and the tea party world and conservatives across this nation will ensure that next year you’re going to get to send your resume out and I can promise you ‘gang of 8,’ the same goes for you,” said Crow on Capitol Hill at Upper Senate Park.


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  • Joe

    Peggy Noonan has an interesting article [link added by editor] on the handling of TEA party IRS applications.

  • Cy

    So much for “non-partisan” and “it’s only about taxes and limited government”

    • Joe

      Don’t nobody look ’cause the resident racist is lookin’ fer racism agin. After all everyone knows that racism trumps rule of law or right of ownership or right to self determination etc etc etc. Ah yes what a handy cudgel is the moniker racist. Too bad its only used by racists to achieve their racist goals.

      • Cy

        Hopefully you see the irony in this rant.

        You’re seeing race where none was mentioned. You seem to think that if you hurl the accusation first it will blind people to your poisonous ideology.

        I still want to know what immigration has to do with lower taxes and limited government.