Fernandez: Olympus Has Fallen

Except for pundits like Andrew Sullivan who reacted to the President’s speech on Syria with delight, writing “that was one of the clearest, simplest and most moving presidential speeches to the nation I can imagine” most people understood that the President left the building the moment he finished speaking. What’s left is Barack Obama, the sometime activist from Chicago. Sullivan stumbled on the truth by ending his adulatory article with the observation that “yes, he’s still a community organizer. It’s just that now, the community he is so effectively organizing is the world”.

Fortunately, for almost everyone else the sad facts are plain enough. Maureen Dowd has even started calling him “Barry”. He’s the man who bought his political life from Putin at a staggering price. The Wall Street Journal observes that”Obama Rescues Assad” by offering him a deal “that could leave Assad in power for years” according to the Times of LondonThe Washington Examiner says that Obama’s miscues “handed Russia the driver’s seat”, an assessment in which Foreign Affairs concurs.


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  • CRB

    “…his political capital has all been spent…” – I hope you are right Fred, but I doubt it. There are way too many Obama phones out there and they are going to use the same voting machines inthe next election(s) that have been used in the past. When the media again realizes they are fighting the republican infidels, hey, the devil you know is better than the other guy. One small terrorist victory on US soil and. well, you know…

  • FredR

    Quote: “Obama may emerge from time to time, blinking in the unaccustomed light, seeking to respond in the only ways he knows how: with a speech; as a guest on Leno; firing a few desultory cruise missiles here or there at targets chosen not to matter; or to offer increasingly unaffordable amounts of money for “deals” that won’t last. And none of it will work.”

    Wow. Bang on analysis. That will be Obama’s political epitaph…and not just for his foreign policy, but for all of his initiatives.

    There is a sliver of hope in this wreckage, however. I used to fear that Obama would repeal the 22nd Amendment and run for third term … and then a fourth and so on. That time has past; his political capital has all been spent and with it, he is dragging down the tenets of modern progressivism with him.

    Reflexively, I believe (well, I hope) that Americans will reject Obama and anything that modern day Democrats and RINOs who stood with him have to offer.

  • beentheredonethat

    A gold mine for the race hustlers. A Titanic for America. A situation many (but not quite enough) fearfully foresaw to be a foolish, unacceptably dangerous risk in 2008 and thereafter unavoidable in 2012 has come to pass. The only surprise is that it too this long. Not a situation to feel smug about. The immensity of the tragedy is too great. 3 more years. A reality almost too painful to contemplate.