Blumer: Don’t Feed Us This Mitt Again

Word has it that establishment Republicans are nearly in panic.

They fear that their 2016 presidential fave, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, has become so tarnished by Bridgegate that his viability may be vanishing.

What they see in Christie mystified me a year ago. It still does. At a time when the country remains in a fake “recovery” and the nation nears insolvency, the party of non-leftists — though even that’s not clear anymore – is poised to pave the way for the guy in charge of the state which is in the worst overall financial condition in the nation. The Garden State’s economy, where the seasonally adjusted labor force has contracted by 108,000 in the past 11 reported months while Household Survey employment has fallen by over 18,000, is moving in reverse.

In any event, the GOP powers that be are so worried that a legitimate conservative might end up winning the party’s presidential nominiation that some reportedly want to bring back Mitt Romney for yet another try.

Yes, I know that Romney has said ”we’re not doing that again,” and that his wife Ann “grabbed his head and gently shook it no” as he answered the interviewer’s question. But I also know that Richard NixonBill ClintonBarack Obama and scores of other politicians have made and broken “I won’t run” promises without suffering negative consequences.

Therefore, now is the time, once and for all, to set the historical record on Mitt Romney’s legal and political legacy straight, and to make the definitive case against his return.


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