Moran: Nausea – Administration takes credit for Ukraine peace deal

The Obama administration took credit for brokering a peace deal in the Ukraine, despite the fact that there was no discernible role for the US in the talks.

Indeed, the agreement was signed in the presence of the foreign ministers of France, Germany, and Poland, with no American within miles of the signing.

But National Security Council spokesman Tony Blinken told CNN it was the dreaded “visa restrictions” that led directly to the folding of the Ukrainian government.

Bridget Johnson at PJ Media:

Blinken claimed the vague public message the administration has been sending about its stance on Ukraine was nothing like what they were accomplishing behind the scenes.

“We have been very clear, and I think that had an important impact in getting people to move,” he said. “First of all, we have already issued some visa restrictions on those who were responsible for the violence and repression. And under the law, we can’t reveal the names of the people that are on that list, but they are aware of it, and that had an impact.”

“We also told them that other steps could be forthcoming. And I think that had a real impact on their thinking, not just folks in the government, but some of the strong oligarchs who support the government and who also didn’t like the idea of possibly not being able to travel here to Europe to do business in both places. So I think the possibility of those consequences was a real motivating factor.”


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