Hanson: Liberals and Their Uppity Enemies (5)

What’s not to like?

Why do liberals hate Sarah Palin? She has made far fewer gaffes than has Joe Biden, whose verbal mishaps have often been racist in nature. Is dropping your g’s worse than saying “corpse-men“? She does not believe that Canadians speak Canadian in the way the president thinks Austrians speak Austrian. Her life story is inspirational — working mom, without inherited privilege or capital, a successful pre-2008 tenure as an Alaska politician.

I think the animus — as opposed to just disagreement with her views — derives in part from the fact that she is vivacious and attractive in a fresh Sally Field sort of way, unlike the cheek-boned refinement of an Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Onassis. Or is it because her diction, syntax, and grammar (especially the use of the passive voice) resonate slightly lower middle-class America? She is what white grandees with real white privilege castigate as a beneficiary of white privilege that she never really had.

Much of the dislike is also because she is upbeat and unapologetic. She thinks America is a rare, good place and far better than the alternative. She is blunt about her values and politics, and does not seem to be skeptical, cynical, or ambivalent. Her “oh gosh” world is one of undisguised belief; she does not roll her eyes in David Letterman boredom. Nor does Palin adopt the Clinton on spec bite-the-lip, feel-your-pain anguish, clear evidence of the costs of feeling moral ambiguity.

To the degree she has any facial artifice, it is more likely a wink (but not in Jon Stewart fashion that you and she share private superiority over the yokels) than a John Kerry long face or the pained stutter of Barack Obama as his vast mind works so fast that his only too human lips cannot catch up.

In other words, to the liberal, who as Atlas carries the burdens of the world on his shoulders, she is one-dimensional, without nuance, and one of the clueless class in need of some pity — unless she dares rise up on her hind legs and walk with her betters. Palin so exasperates liberals that they are reduced to very illiberal, very aristocratic disdain for the way she dresses, the places she lives, and the sort of children she has raised. Middle-class white conservative Christian moms from Alaska are not what liberals mean when they talk of diversity. Palin is simply too uppity in liberal eyes.

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  • abacist

    Sarah Palin is one of those remarkable human beings we meet infrequently in this life, but fully recognize their worth instantaneously. We recognize these people are galvanizing and inspirational. They emit an “inner joy” and can prioritize and maintain the “work-life balance.” She’s got thousands upon thousand of followers who appreciate what and who she is — all that America aspires to return to and be.

    Her upcoming show could possibly become the glue that will hold America and Western Civilization together through trying times ahead.

    She could focus on interviewing a whole range of business and industry leaders and international players with whom we trade in business. I hope she develops a banking segment and explore what their future role can be. Also, the investment sector. The possibilities for her show are endless and the benefits could have really productive consequences.

    Leadership and clear sightedness is in short supply but she and others hold fast to real foundational principles and ideas that work.

    “The goods on America” is what we’re likely to get. What will work and what will not.

    Right now she’s talking about how Obama is relinquishing internet management to others and its handing the advantage to dictatorships that have done similarly. Active social media is threatening the spread and consolidation of the essence of democracy itself where citizens decide on a course of action/reaction. The Arab Spring proved its influence. Unfortunately it went wrong when corrupt leadership got to the “control panels.” Not surprising, but so unfortunate.

    I hope she has beginning segments on William F. Buckley’s influences. Also, Charles Krauthammer featured today with Bill O’Reilly.

    Like Krauthammer, Sarah Palin will focus on “Things that Matter.”

  • beentheredonethat

    Well said. Add me and Jack to that security team. Something else, there can be no question that were Sarah POTUS today while Putin is in Red Square pumping his fist in the air in triumph she would not be on tv predicting the NCAA brackets and then making arrangements to appear on Ellen to “maybe f**king dance”? JHC!!!!!

    “Obama To Appear On The Ellen Show To Talk Obamacare, Maybe Dance”


    • Jack

      Don’t think he danced but Ellen was definitely into her dumb blonde routine. You can’t make this stuff up.

  • DLM

    One of the many reasons I come to this site first for my news is, I know that if Sarah has done anything noteworthy today you will link to it.
    I fear she will be the best president America never had. Her best qualifications are her ability to recognize and shine a light on el torro poo poo and her willingness to seek and heed the best advice. Oh! I almost left out the most important one: Her love of her country and all those things that have always made it great.
    After the treatment she got in her run for vice prez it would be cruel to ask her to enter that arena again. BUT! If she decides that her country’s well being is more important than her own, she will have my support. (I would love to be a part of her security team.)

  • Joe

    Putting aside my feelings and thoughts about Sarah (not the world’s biggest fan) I think that Sarah along with most conservatives are viewed as brainless interlopers by the empty headed chic chic crowd that comprises the progressive (liberal) horde.

  • Jean

    I think a lot of Liberals confuse Sarah Palin with the Tina Fey parodies of Sarah Palin and often quote something that Tina Fey said, parodying Sarah Palin, as if they where Sarah Palin’s actual words: A lot of people think that Tina Fey’s words are direct quotes of Sarah Palin. 😉

  • Jack

    I keep plugging Sarah and I apologize if I appear fixated on her but to me she represents the America I know and I felt “VDH” has nailed the situation. As noted “read it all” as well as the updates I added throughout the afternoon.

    It’s all “good stuff” and not guaranteed to make a Democrat’s day.