Tatler: Pistol-Packing Granny Stops Would-Be Robber

A grandmother in Fort Worth, Texas, shut down an attempted robbery when she pulled out her concealed firearm and frightened off her would-be assailant.

Jewell Turner, 74, was approached and asked for directions by the man, when he pulled out a knife and told her he wanted her money.

“He stood there and we talked for a while, [him] just asking for directions and me giving them to him,” Turner recalled. “Never thought that when I turned my head that that young man would stick a knife to my throat.

“He said, ‘I don’t want to hurt you, but I want your money. And I will hurt you if I have to,’” Turner said.

But Turner didn’t have much money on her, only $1.62. When the wanna-be robber demanded “what she had in her purse,” she remembered that she had a gun in there. At first, Turner thought to pull out a knife she keeps with her but instead she took out her pistol. The grandmother had just put the pistol in her purse that morning.


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Gunter: A fine balance

A justifiably self-satisfied federal Finance Minister, Joe Oliver, rose in the House of Commons late Tuesday afternoon to bring down Ottawa’s first balanced budget since 2007.

Oliver even took time to fire a snide tweet in the direction of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. Last year the Grit boss insisted that as PM he would not have to worry about deficits because budgets balance themselves.

On Tuesday, Oliver quipped “I assure @JustinTrudeau that this budget did not ‘balance itself.’”

While that was a well-deserved jab at the lightweight Liberal leader, Oliver should also have taken time to tell the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to shove it.

[Read it all]

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Morning Update April 24th, 2015 (10)


#1 — CNews | Most have-not provinces in denial about getting equalization: Poll

MONTREAL – People whose provinces receive equalization payments are largely in denial about living in have-not regions, a poll suggests.


#2 — CTV | First-time home buyers increasingly turning to ‘Bank of Mom and Dad’

TORONTO – A Bank of Montreal report suggests first-time home buyers are increasingly turning to the “Bank of Mom and Dad.”

BMO’s 2015 Home Buying Report found that 42 per cent of first-time buyers told an online survey that they expected their parents or relatives to help pay for their first home.


#3 — Global | Police warn residents across the GTA of ‘CRA’ tax scam

TORONTO – A tax scam has police in the GTA warning residents to be careful.

Peel Police say scam artists are calling, texting and sending emails to people for money, claiming to be from Canada Revenue Agency.


#4 — Globe | House of Commons Speaker has no plans to do away with daily prayer

MPs who want to end or modify the practice of prayer recital in the Commons must propose the changes themselves, says a spokeswoman for the Speaker.

The New Democratic Party asked Speaker Andrew Scheer to research Commons rules and decide who had the authority to end the daily prayer.


#5 — Postmedia | Spy watchdog may become super-sized: experts

The near-doubling of funding for Canada’s chief security intelligence watchdog could signal a gradual move to a single super-agency to oversee the country’s expanding national security apparatus, say experts.



#6 — BBC | Ukraine troops shelled by pro-Russian rebels near Mariupol

Pro-Russian rebels have shelled Ukrainian army positions east of the key city of Mariupol in breach of a ceasefire deal, the BBC has witnessed.


#7 — CNS | Finding Fighters to Support in Syria Is ‘Huge’ Problem, Experts Say

(CNSNews.com) – A former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia and the former United Nations under secretary general said on Tuesday that supporting boots on the ground in Syria, given the spread of Islamic terrorist groups, is a “huge” and “enormous” problem.


#8 — Fox | White House: American, Italian hostages killed in US counterterror operation

An American and Italian hostage held by Al Qaeda were killed in a U.S. counterterrorism operation earlier this year, the White House said Thursday.


#9 — DM | The scanner that can scour an entire PLANE

A device has been created that can scan entire planes for contraband, bombs and weapons.

The mobile X-ray scanner, heralded as the world’s first ‘airplane scanner’, sweeps down a plane and can detect various objects inside.


#10 — WT | U.S. deploys more A-10s for fight against Islamic State group

The Islamic State group will soon be seeing a lot more A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft overhead.

The Michigan Air National Guard announced that it will be deploying the 107th Fighter Squadron, the 127th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, the 127th Maintenance Squadron and the 127th Operations Support Squadron to support Operation Inherent Resolve.


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Saleh reportedly leaves Yemen, location unknown (6)

The sources added that it was agreed for Saleh and his family to leave Yemen but the destination is still unknown. (File photo: Associated Press)

Former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has left Yemen early Wednesday and an official announcement over the deposed leader’s departure from the conflict-torn country is expected shortly, the local Yemen 24 website cited high-level sources in Riyadh as saying.

The sources added that it was agreed for Saleh and his family to leave Yemen but the destination is still unknown.

After Saudi-led coalition forces pounded southern Yemen with a fresh series of airstrikes Wednesday, Houthi rebels called for peace talks.

“We call for… the resumption of political dialogue under the auspices of the United Nations,” Houthi spokesman Mohammed Abdul-Salam, wrote on his Facebook page.

The statement appeared after the Arab alliance announced on Tuesday it was stopping its campaign but would continue to target Iran-allied Houthi rebel movements inside Yemen as needed, and enforce an air and sea blockade to prevent weapons shipments.

On Wednesday, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said he is concerned that Iranian ships heading toward Yemen may be carrying advanced weapons for the Houthi rebels, and moving a U.S. aircraft carrier to the region gives the president options.


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#2 — Saudi Resolve on Yemen Reflects Limits of U.S. Strategy

#3 — Oil prices hold steady as Saudi-led bombing continues in Yemen

#4 — Obama’s nightmares are converging in Yemen


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Afternoon Update April 23rd, 20115 (10)


#1 — CNews | Man was beaten, forced to hang himself at Ontario jail: Crown

WELLAND, Ont. — A man found hanging at the end of a bedsheet noose in his Ontario jail cell did not commit suicide, the Crown argued in court Wednesday.


#2 — CTV | Afghan immigrant who nearly decapitated wife loses appeal

TORONTO — Ontario’s highest court upheld the second-degree murder conviction of an Afghan immigrant who nearly decapitated his wife, calling the woman’s death a “horrific” killing in a decision released Wednesday.


#3 — Global | Canada Post changes 700 super mailbox locations after outrage

CALGARY – Homeowners continue to be frustrated with locations chosen for community mailboxes in their neighbourhoods.


#4 — Globe | Austerity push: Ontario Liberals look to cut deficit by $2-billion

The Ontario government is eliminating registered nurse jobs, courting labour unrest with teachers and clawing back social services – including a $100 monthly benefit for disabled people who work – as it seeks to dig itself out of deficit.


#5 — Postmedia | Orange crush and spam don’t mix, protest Alberta political tweeters

EDMONTON – An Alberta NDP automated social media campaign came under fire Wednesday when it became so popular many regular Twitter users accused the party of filling popular election feeds with spam.



#6 — BBC | Ukraine truce: US accuses Russia of violating deal

The US has accused Russia of deploying more air defence systems in eastern Ukraine in breach of a ceasefire deal.


#7 — CNS | Animal Rights Group Suing for Chimpanzees’ Release Given Their Day in Court

While pro-lifers are fighting to have unborn babies legally recognized as persons through fetal personhood legislation, animal rights activists are hoping for the same for chimpanzees.


#8 — Fox | China reportedly issues new warning over North Korean nuclear production

Chinese nuclear experts reportedly warned the U.S. earlier this year that North Korea’s nuclear arsenal is larger than previously estimated, creating a heightened security threat to the U.S. and its East Asian allies.


#9 — DM | When supermassive black holes COLLIDE

A first-of-its-kind 3D simulation has revealed what happens when two supermassive black holes dramatically collide.


#10 — WT | Ashton Carter: ‘Maybe’ all combat jobs will be open to women in January

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told cadets Wednesday that he’s optimistic all combat positions may be open to women by January, even though the services are still finishing testing for some jobs.


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Nicola Sturgeon’s plans for full fiscal autonomy would lead to ‘£10 billion black hole’ (10)

NICOLA STURGEON’S delayed plans for new tax powers would leave a £10billion black hole in the country’s finances, a leading think tank warned yesterday.

The First Minister has repeatedly called for Holyrood to have full fiscal autonomy – now rebranded “responsibility” in the SNP’s manifesto.

The proposal, a key election demand, would see Scotland control all its taxes and spending while sending cash to Westminster for shared services like defence.

Ms Sturgeon has rejected an Institute for Fiscal Studies forecast that Scottish Government income would be cut by £7.6billion this year if Scotland had fiscal autonomy.

But a new analysis by the body yesterday warned the “fiscal gap” would get even bigger over the next few years.

It projected the gap between Scotland’s finances and the rest of the UK will grow from £7.6billion in 2015/16 to £9.7billion in 2019/20.

The IFS said that to close the fiscal gap by 2019/20, Scottish revenues per person would need to grow by more than twice as much as forecast for the UK as a whole.


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#2 — SNP in U-turn on scrapping tenet of Scots Law

#3 — Central Bank Governor Veers Off Script, Sees “Illusion of Liquidity” & “Asset Bubbles,” Dreads Crash

#4 — Up to 1 Million Libyan Refugees Waiting to Board Ship for Europe

#5 — Bonfire of Insanities: Solar Panels Start Fire at Green Party-Run Hove Town Hall

Afternoon Update:

#6 — Greece scrambles to raise cash, no imminent EU deal expected

#7 — Australia’s refugee policy: Should Europe emulate it?

#8 — Greek exports to the US rose 10 pct last year

#9 — Emergency cash for Greece doubled as deal elusive ahead of talks

#10 — EU charges Russia’s Gazprom with abuse of market position

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Williamson: ‘Willie Lynch’ Is Back

The endless quest for a racial supervillain

Willie Lynch, that persistent and vexatious fiction, is back in the news, this time under the journalistic auspices of MSNBC, whose African-American news site, the Grio, yesterday published an article lamenting the “‘Willie Lynch’ propaganda that has held us down for eons.” The headline accuses certain black activists who reject feminism and transsexualism of “rehash[ing] the Willie Lynch mentality.”

Willie Lynch, as I have been documenting for some years, is a hoax, but a very popular hoax. A letter purporting to be from 18th century slavery consultant Willie Lynch instructs whites in the art of dividing blacks against each other – man vs. woman, light-skinned vs. dark-skinned, etc. – for the purpose of preventing their cooperating to throw off the masters’ yoke. The letter is an obvious fabrication – its language is plainly from the latter half of the 20th century — but it is routinely cited, particularly in the black press, as though it were an authoritative account of the ways in which whites scheme to keep blacks down. College professors report that students reference it regularly as though it were undisputed fact.

Displaying the usual low journalistic standards associated with MSNBC properties, the article contains a deeply misleading and ungrammatical author’s note: “Despite becoming an urban legend of sorts – the accounts of Willie Lynch contain historical inaccuracies that have led some historians to believe the documents containing his speech are a hoax.” Naturally, the verdict is “fake but true,” the now-familiar refrain: “The Willie Lynch story still illustrates a greater truth about ‘divide and concur [sic].’” The Willie Lynch letter is not an urban legend; it is a fabrication; there are no “accounts of Willie Lynch” at all beyond the obvious forgery; there are not “some historians” who believe it to be a hoax – rather, there are no historians who believe that it is not a hoax. Fake but true, heavy on the fake.

What about the true?

[Interesting Read]

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Richter: F35, The Jet That Ate the Pentagon

“We don’t know where all the money is going.”

The F-35 is the most expensive weapons program in history, with a total cost of $1.5 trillion, that has turned into a total fiasco.

So here is an 8-minute documentary (with some cool footage of the thing flying, landing vertically, etc.) to give you the willies about how the system works, and what’s wrong with it.

Note the term, “concurrent development.” It’s a key concept – and at the core of why this deal went haywire.

For more info about the documentary and its backers, to sign a petition, or get into the hair of your lawmakers about this, check out the site of the video.


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Interpol issues ‘red notice’ for John Maguire, the Ottawa student who joined ISIL

Interpol has posted a “red notice” asking international police forces to arrest a former Ottawa student who appeared in an Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant video last December calling for terrorist attacks in Canada.

John Maguire, 24, is wanted by the RCMP for his suspected role in ISIL and an alleged recruiting network that operated out of Ottawa. A pro-ISIL Twitter account claimed in January he had been killed in northern Syria.

But his recent addition to the Interpol wanted page suggests police have not confirmed his death. One of his suspected associates, Khadar Khalib, 23, also of Ottawa, is now subject to an Interpol red notice as well.

What appear to be passport photos of the two men are posted on the international police organization’s website — although one of the photos on Maguire’s wanted page erroneously shows another Canadian, André Poulin, a former resident of Timmins, Ont. and Toronto who was killed in Syria in 2013.


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